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Politician · Entrepreneur · Lawyer · Educationalist · Philanthropist

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About Sam

Dr S.R. Sam Paul - an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and educationist from Chennai is a lover of great ideas. He is a Post Graduate Engineer, a lawyer and a holds a doctorate degree. Sam has been the brain and brawn behind the introduction of several international brands to Chennai and then Southern India.

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Sam's Manifesto for
Central Chennai

  • A promise to end corruption with an iron hand again all injustices in his jurisdiction.
  • Zero tolerance towards human rights violations
  • Health care facilities in Government Hospitals will be upgraded to private hospital standards
  • Modernization, technological advancements and better education in Government-run schools.
  • Running a business will be hassle free with no harassment in the form of bribes etc.
  • Generating several job opportunities in a professional way.
  • Education available on-merit and at affordable costs with no capitation fees and at world class standards.
  • Businesses will soar high and rules will be made to encourage small vendors and bring in foreign investment.
  • Absolutely no discrimination based on religion, creed, caste, gender or colour.
  • Make Chennai the #1 destination for tourism, investment, health care and education - making it the most progressive city in India.
  • Ensuring that Tamil flourishes more
  • All day (24hours) offices for all emergencies; and my personal promise to be accessible at all times.
  • Implement systems to strengthen Child & Women Protection/ Safety.
  • Eradication of poverty
  • Proper garbage disposal systems.
  • Better quality roads.
  • Provide clean water and good homes for every individual.
  • Plant more trees
  • Control land grabbing done through illegal means.
  • Work for the betterment of people from all mainstream and marginalised communities.

Please feel free to get in touch with me with your concerns and I will ensure to resolve it for you on warfooting. I'm available on call or to meet at office all the time.

This is your chance to elect an educated righteous man to power. We can only do this together, support me.

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Dr. Sam Paul is the MP Candidate for Central Chennai representing the winning alliance of PMK / AIADMK / BJP / DMDK. Cast your vote for us on 18th April 2019 and let's together make a change, make a progress.